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Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting ready for Klondike

My 3rd engine showed up last week in the back of a Volkswagen.  It had been driven down from the Montreal area.  It does not need overhauled but repaired.  We will disassemble the engine send out various parts for inspection and repair.  The parts we keep will be inspected and serviced.  Then the engine will be reassembled, tested and returned to the customer.
 The engine I am currently working on has just been installed on the engine test stand.  It is my plan to have the test run and break in done next week.  Then begin tearing down the engine above.
 Noah is working on his Patrol's Klondike sled.  We bent, cut, ground and beat 5/8" steel conduit tubing into a sled shape.  I showed him how to braze one joint and he was off.  He has brazed almost the whole sled together by himself.  We will hopefully be finishing the fabrication off tonight and then it will be off to the paint booth for the final step.  The Klondike derby is next weekend!  The old scout sled weighed over 100lbs.  The new one will weigh in the 20lb area.  A big difference to the 5 or 6 boys who have to push and drag the sled all over camp for a whole weekend.
Thanks for checking in,  Josh

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