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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Lamp Lance

Last week Andy and I finished up the assembly of the engine and installed it on the test stand.  It takes a few days to fabricate and find all the necessary brackets, hoses and hardware to run an engine.
 During different points in the test run we compare our numbers on the engine against what the book says we should be getting.  Often as not we need to stop and make minor adjustments to the mixture, idle, prop pitch and others.  Once w have the engine all dialed in we can do a break in run and after the break in we do a 1 hour max power performance and oil consumption run.  If all checks out the engine is finished, removed form the stand and...
 installed on the airframe.  Andy and I have completed this project,  Andy will be moving on to another project and I will be picking up a new apprentice for the next engine.
You'll get to meet him next time.  Thanks for checking in, Josh

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