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Friday, October 19, 2012

October in a nutshell

Well I am always glad when I can report to you that MMS has released another airplane into the Lord's service.  If you have been following you will know of Ethan's homebuilt Zenoth 801.  MMS's part was mainly space to work and all the technical help he needed.  My samll part in it was the paint job.  It now has to be flown for 40 hours in the local area before Ethan can move it down to Mexico, where it will be used in church planting and support.

After finishing the paint on MAF's 206  I have been assigned to overhaul 3 engines in succession   The first is for "LAMP" a mission that operates in Canada.  We've just got the engine torn down and shipped out for inspection/repair.  When it all arrives back I will begin assembly.
 It was a beautiful fall day this last Tuesday and what more could a girl ask for... Sunshine and a horse.  Hannah loves her ridding lessons and looks forward to the all week.  I'd like to get her one of her own but it is cheaper to let her ride someone else's.

 Noah and I finished our "HAM" radio class this week and passed the written test.  Noah passed with a perfect score!  We should have our call signs by next Friday.  We currently have 2m radios but I think we might get a kit for a 60m CW radio to build over the winter.

Thanks again for checking in,  God has been taking good care of us.  Kristi's Dr. bills are getting paid, the firewood pile is stacked deep for the coming winter and we are planting the greenhouse full of lettuce.

Thanks to the many of you who pray for us or support us financially.  We couldn't do it without you.


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