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Friday, October 26, 2012

1st buck of the season

 I spent a few days working up in Kiddron, Ohio helping to pull the engines off of MFI's DC-3.  Four of us worked for two days unhooking the wires, rods and hardware that attach the engines to the airframe.  I thought it was amazing to see the size difference between the small little turbines and the hulking mass of the DC-3.  Like a gocart engine in  a full sized truck.  MFI opperates 3 turbine 3's in their support of missionaries living in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Caribbean ect.  This aircraft is up for a refitting of a new interior, some mods and corrosion control.

I also got my first buck this season, well ever actually and with Kristi's van no less.  My first impression was well maybe we got off lucky.  No major bends or buckles, nothing that I cannot fix.
Well this is how the van sits now,  after digging all the broken and bent pieces out it looks alot worse.  I've already installed the new radiator, condenser and transmission cooler and changed all the fluids.  I still have to paint the new bumper, new hood and both front fenders.  I have a broken headlight and a bent headlight bracket to still deal with and a few more plastic pieces to order.  That little deer cost alot more than i thought he was.  Hopefully another week is all I'll need to get Kristi back on the road.

Thanks for checking in, Josh

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