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Friday, May 18, 2012

This week in the Adelsberger household...

I woke up the other morning to the sound of one of our kids coming down the stairs.  I peeked at the clock, it was 6:30.  I snuck out to the living room to see what the mystery kid was doing, and there I found Luke, reading his bible and writing in his journal.  It thrilled me so, what a sight, he made me so proud!  We as parents and especially fathers have such a great responsibility, given by God (Deu 6:1&2), directed towards our children.  We the men will ultimately stand before God and give accountability of our and their actions.  Our family has been studying Hebrews 6:1&2.  He Paul outlines what the "milk" things are that we must know before we can move into the meat.  There is six milk things listed, how would your kids do on a milk test?  It is our job to know and to make sure they would pass, Don't let them down.  

Last weekend our family went camping with the scouts at MVSR our local camp ground.  It was a "Fun" campout with only a few small activities planned.  That left lots of time for fishing, hikes and games.
 Hannah caught this nice 1&3/4lb bass the biggest of the day.  Luke, Noah and Hannah must have caught at least 30 fish together and at least of those were bass, the rest blue gills.

Between our tips to the pond the scouts went to a local grave to honor the veterans by placing flags at there head stones.  When they were finished many kids remarked at the number of flags waving in such a small cemetery.  We put out over 80 flags.

I've been busy at the hangar helping different teams wrap up their projects.  Thanks for stopping in and checking on us.  Josh

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