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Friday, June 8, 2012

MAF 206 paint

I've been working on the MAF 206 project this week and will probably be working on it for the weeks to come.  HH-PTL ( the planes designation) came to us with 25 years of service under its belt.  Tired and in need of some major repairs and upgrades  MAF sent HH-PTL to us for service.  We've fabricated and installed alot of new skin panels, replacing damaged or corroded ones.  I have been brought onto the team to teach and apprentice to paint and to paint the completed parts.
Here we see the main fuselage being stripped of multiple layers of old paint.  It will take days of work to remove every fleck of old paint and to prep it for new. 

We did have enough parts to fill the paint booth.  These are a combination of parts from the 206 and a 185 from Brazil. 
These will come out of the paint booth on Monday and we will start filling the booth again with parts ready to paint.

I've included a link at the bottom to a youtube video of HH-PTL in action.  I hope you enjoy.

MAF 206 Video


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