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Friday, May 11, 2012

People & Planes

Kristi's back continues to heal.  She has had her driving restrictions removed and is glad to have her freedom once again.  The Dr. said her back is looking fine and that she should start a stretching program aimed at restoring her back.  She is up and around and happy to be pain free, although she has still many months of healing ahead of her.  Thank you all for praying us thru this.  Thank you again for those of you who brought meals, called with words of encouragement and those of you who worked on our behalf raising the money we need to pay the bills. 
After completing the king air I have been helping Mike Dunkley on his project 210. The 210 was in for an annual and has needed some major repairs.  We have almost completed the work on it and the owner should be in next week to pick it up.

Some of the other projects in the hangar right now are Amazon Salt and Light's 185.  It is in for refurbishment, some mods and floats.  Right now wing tip extensions are being installed and STOL cuff on the leading edge.

The MAF 206 is well into it repairs. Right now the team is repairing the main landing gear box.  It had cracks and cracked landing gear is not such a good thing.

Thanks for checking in,  God bless, Josh

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