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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Klondike 2012

Noah and I went camping with the Boy Scouts this weekend at the annual Klondike. I think 15 different troops showed up. The weather was much more cooperative this year than it was last. Just cold enough not to be muddy, just enough snow to help the sled run smoothly and warm enough to be comfortable , outside, all day and night and day and night and the next morning.
The Klondike is a competition between the troops with prizes and awards. In most Scouting competitions skills are whats being tested. So our boys were ready with knots, lashing, first aid, fire building, ect... but not this time. It was mostly races and boy did we have a heavy sled!
Between the races was lunch, a good time to sit down and enjoy a warm meal and a well earned rest.
Then back to the races. When it was all said and done we did not place, everyone was a little disappointed. We had placed in the last 4 competitions and had a streak going. But we are already planning for next year. I was talking around and got a set of snow ski's donated and Noah and I will be building a new sled this summer. I was hoping for an all composite, carbon fiber sled but that would end up costing over a thousand. So, back to reality and I'll search the web for some other light weight ideas.

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