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Friday, January 20, 2012

520 wrap up

Paul and I completed the test run on the engine with only a few minor adjustments. I am confident it made all 285 hp. It is hard for me to convey the feeling of pure, raw, power, that the engine produces, it is a beast.
While Paul wrapped the engine up for shipment I worked on paperwork. Trying to get all the necessary information off of our records and into the engine logbook took me two days on the computer and three different revisions. The owner picked up his engine, prop and accessories on Wensday.
Here the kids are unloading the trailer into our wood pile. All this wood is to be burned in the syrup stove over the length of a month or so. I'm guessing there is 8 cords or so and we'll burn it all and probably anything else we can find. I hope I have enough, but i doubt it. Keep watching syrup season starts next month.
Noah built this model of the Bismark for a home school project.
Thanks for checking in, God bless and stay warm. Josh

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