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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Family Days

We celebrated Luke's 8th birthday last Sunday with our fellowship. He really turns 8 tomorrow. He wanted paintball equipment and being a loving and supportive father I got him some and I'll soon get me some. Noah spent Saturday creating a small paintball field in the woods beside our property and Sunday morning we had 11 players on the field. As you can see Luke is the smallest and youngest. I made him some body armor out of gray indoor/outdoor carpet. He took several shots without complaint until one sneaked in under his armor and hit him in the arm pit. After some tears and encouraging he was back on his feet and ready to play again.
Here is a group shot just after walking off the field, this was taken right after Luke's armpit shot. You can see he is smiling and in good spirits. We are wanting to start playing once a month so more pictures should follow.
Noah is at Scout camp this week and doing great, almost to great. He is taking swimming, sailing, archery, orienteering and model building.
On Monday morning Noah and troop 403 had the privilege of doing the flag raising ceremony. We drilled and practiced the night before and some in the morning on the parade field. The boys did a great job represented 403 very well.

Camp is done Saturday morning and the life of fun and leisure will come to an end for Noah. Back to reality, there are beans to pick and the yard needs mowed.

I'll post on the progress of the 207 again next week, I should be painting.

Please keep praying for us purchasing our house. It is going smoothly but slower than expected.

Thanks for checking in, Josh

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