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Friday, July 22, 2011

207 Progress

The 207 is coming along very well. I have basically finished the horizontal and installed it. Dale is inspecting the fit and finish. Chuck has removed, repaired and is in the process of installing the rear wing spar carry through. And we only really have the tail to rebuild.
I painted the right wing, elevator and a flap this week also. The green/yellow paint is a special primer for aluminum.
After green is white and they are ready to go. The paint booth was 90+ degrees the day I painted these. The hardest part was not dripping sweat on the wet paint.
We have been approved for our house loan and are now in the process of getting all the correct paperwork and inspections done. We should have the house in our name before the end of Aug. Please continue to pray for Gods provision in this matter as a house payment will be a tight squeeze until we get some more support raised to cover it.

Thanks to those who prayed and gave gifts, enabling us to be approved fore this loan.


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