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Friday, July 1, 2011

Another weeks adventures

I'm in the process of fabricating new skins for the 207's horizontal. We lay the old skin on top of some blank aluminum and using the original as a pattern we drill and cut the new skins out. After the new skins are cut out the are treated with a corrosion inhibitor, primed and reinstalled. I should be done with the horizontal by the end of next week.
Noah had to build a bird feeder for the merit badge he is working on. We used inch thick reclaimed oak barn siding for our materials. Noah made up the plans on his own and we adapted the size to the material we had on hand. Its base it 2 feet square and it is 18" tall. Noah did about 90% of the cutting and assembly himself. He used the table saw, compound miter saw and a cordless drill. I only helped with cutting the beveled corners. We put it up on top this tree stump to keep the bird feeder from becoming a cat feeder. With its overhang and height the cats cannot seek up on the birds. We've watched them try without any success.
Here Kristi is harvesting some of our first blueberry crop. We've had blueberry pancakes, blueberry coffee cake, blueberries on homemade ice creme and yesterday a blueberry pie, plus lots just eaten fresh off the bush.
The puppies eyes are open and they are up and moving around. They are barking and growling and being very cute. They are about three weeks old and we will start looking for new homes for them soon.
The kittens are growing as well and are closer to six weeks. We have found a new home for one of them already and are looking for homes for the others. Noah gets to keep one for himself since his cat "ran away" last fall. They as still living in the boys toy box upstairs and are a source of endless entertainment.
We also are still working on financing our house, mostly trying to educate ourselves as to what our options are and what will work best for us. We will be applying for a loan next week if you could keep that in your prayers we would appreciate it. We have been praying about getting the finances together for making the down payment and closing cost and God has blessed us with a gift of $1000 to start us off. We are very thankful for the gift and we continue to pray for His provision.

God bless and thanks for visiting, Josh

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