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Friday, June 24, 2011

207 Horizontal

While I'm waiting for the paint to show up I started a new sheet metal project. This horizontal has been changed in an unapproved manor. Sometime in the past a repair was made and although the repair was safe and function-able it is not an approved repair. So I'm in the process of removing the skins and returning the horizontal to an approved condition.
A kit was bought that will be installed along with the new skins. This kit will make repairing the horizontal in the future much easier. The kit allows the leading edge to be installed with screws instead of rivets. The leading edge is most often damaged by rocks thrown up by the tires on gravel runways.
In other news... We are still working on buying our house. We ask that you could pray for the necessary finances to come in on time. I'm not worried about it all coming together, God has always taken care of us and has always provided for our needs. I look forward to seeing Him work as we put our faith in Him.

Thanks for checking in, Josh

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