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Friday, June 17, 2011


Work continues on the 207. We were shuffling some parts and planes around the hangar and the 207 was outside. Without all the other planes and clutter in the picture you can seemuch of the progress we have made.

The nose area has been disassembled, repaired and reassembled. The engine has been removed and re installed. The nose gear removed, inspected, repaired, reassembled and re installed. The main gear landing box repaired and new right gear leg installed. And a skin under the rear fuselage door replaced.

We still need to repair the the main spar carry thru, the part the wing attaches to and the tail cone. Some various other parts and we'll be almost there.
I have the door I started ready to paint and the wing is in the paint booth as well. That will be next weeks assignment.

I'll try to remember my camera next week and get more than one picture. Josh

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  1. Wow!!!Does that Airplane fly????