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Friday, April 8, 2011

Busy week

Dale is removing the actual gear box from the plane for inspection. The forward bulkhead is cracked and will need to be changed the other pieces will be inspected and replaced as needed. As the inspection continues more and more damage is being found. Today the rear wing spar carry thru was found to be cracked and will have to come out after we put the floor back together. There will be pictures on that process later.I was asked to step off the 207 for a few days to do some body work on a wing tip fuel tank. I really wish I had gotten a better before picture than this one because I already have several hours of work invested into it here. I look for this to be complete before the end of next week and I'll have an after picture then.
Here is Luke giving a presentation of his butterfly collection to his scout troop. Next weekend Noah has a Boy Scout camping trip at MVSR here in Coshocton. It should be a very good time, the theme is "What a disaster". And it will focus on helping out in a disaster like situation. That is all I know about it right now.

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