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Friday, April 1, 2011


This is a picture of the Straw families prayer card, I have it taped to the side of the plane to remind me who I am working for these days and who will be riding in it one day. Steve is entrusting his life and the life of his family and many others to the work we are doing today. Every rivet, every screw is important. It is a chain that is only as strong as its weakest link.
We've completed reassembling the lower nose bowl after repairing the tunnel and firewall and have moved on to the main landing gear box.
Andy has just removed the main gear legs and is inspecting the castings and bulkhead for removal. Paul has finished painting the nose gear and will be reassembling the nose gear on Monday for installation at a later date.
The big blue tarp is covering the opening to where our new door is going to go... next week some time. There has been and will continue to be volunteers staying the night in the hangar keeping everything safe in the mean time. I'll be covering a shift some time this weekend as well.
Noah has his bridging ceremony tomorrow, we are continuing to pray that the weather will be a little more cooperative than the weatherman is saying. It is an outside ceremony and could be very short. Look for pictures.

Also, if you could start praying on our behalf, we need to raise some money for a down payment on our house and a little extra each month to make the monthly payments.

Thanks, Josh

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