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Monday, April 18, 2011

Spring Camporee

We had a great weekend camping with the scouts. The theme of the camp was "What a disaster" and it almost was. We had the opportunity to practice our first aid skills in a variety of scenarios. One was a camp in the wake of a tornado and the other was a 4 car crash with multiple victims. The make up on the casualties was expertly done and the boys talked alot about how shocking it was. Every station was kind of overwhelming and each boy needed to think and act on his own. It will give us alot of foundation to work wit in the future. It did rain almost all nigh and most of the day. With the rain was clouds, wind and cold. The weather was the most difficult test for our boys and I think they did great. There was alot of opportunity for whining and complaining but they didn't. They persevered through and had a great time. Noah and Rowan have been accepted by the older boy and have been welcomed into the team. Here is a picture of Noah's and My's tents. We stayed fairly dry but it is difficult to tell the difference between rain and condensation.
Below is a picture of Noah and Rowan working on there physical fitness skills for there first rank level, Tenderfoot.
And this room of painted parts shows what I have kept busy with last week. The majority of the parts are for Brigade Airs 172 but in the middle you can see the fuel tank I repaired for a local customer.
I'm back on the 207 now trying to finish up the engine bay area. I hope to paint the bay and the main and nose gear casting areas later this week. Check back and see the progress.


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  1. Great picts! The boys really did have a great time at camp.