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Friday, March 18, 2011


Paul and I finished the repairs that were preventing us from rebuilding the nose gear area today. The parts painted green in this picture are new and are replacements for parts that were damaged in landing. Fitting all these parts together and checking the alignment will take us another day or two and then riveting and reassembling will probably finish off next week.
Noah, Luke and Hannah raced last weekend in pack 403's pine wood derby. Hannah raced a car for a scout who was not able to attend and got first place in her class. Noah took 2nd in his class which was the same Hannah won and best in show. Luke had to learn how to be a good looser, it was tough and a few tears were spilled but after he found out that the looser got to choose which type of ice cream we had for desert the tears were gone.
Noah will be bridging to Boy Scouts on April 2. At the ceremony he will be presented with the "Arrow of light", the highest award a cub scout can earn. He will then be stripped of his cub scout colors by the boy scouts and redressed with boy scout colors. The boy scouts will then walk him over a bridge and welcome him into his new troop. Noah is very excited and I'm very proud. Noah and I have worked very hard to get him to this point and we are not even near finished, next stop Eagle Scout.

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