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Thursday, October 21, 2010

King air is finished

The King Air was finished and picked up on Monday. My last job on the project was to replace the ELT. ELT is short for emergency location transponder, a ELT's job is to transmit a traceable signal when an aircraft crashes so it can be found. The old elt's have become outdated and we were not allowed to install one like we removed. The regulations required a new elt with an in dash activation indicator. What happens alot of times is that during a bumpy landing the elt is accidental set of and lots of time and money is spent looking for a plane that did not crash. The new elt's now have a light on the panel that indicate to the pilot that the elt has been activated. The only problem is the ELT is in the rear of the plane and the instrument panel is in the front. It took a little over a day to remove all the interior of the aircraft that was in the way run the wire and then reinstall the interior. It was a good exercise in electrical work, something that I don't get much of.
We've got the greenhouse planted and most all the sprouts are up. It takes lots of water too keep everything growing, the green house is extra warm, the beds are raised and easier to heat up and there is plenty of ventilation. All that adds up to dry beds. Since the picture was taken we have installed the door on the other end. We've had our first frost and are in the process of cleaning up the garden and greenhouse for next year.

Hannah is a horse nut and here you can see her riding 'Spirit" a three year old Halflinger. She gets lessons once a week at another MMS families house.
Thanks for visiting and I'll try to update again next week. Josh


  1. thanks for the updates buddy..all the pics are super cool..waiting for more updates..:)
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  2. I really love the pic of that baby who was sitting on that horse...It was amazing.. Thanks buddy for sharing such informative stuff.....