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Friday, October 29, 2010

New Project

MMS has just received and started on its newest project a Piper Navajo. It comes to us from Alaska, serving with Artic Barnabas. It is in need of an engine and propeller overhaul, sheet metal repairs, window replacement, a crew door is being installed and all the flight control surfaces are being replaced.
I have been assigned the task of replacing rock damaged skins on the belly of the fuselage. Here you can see one of the original skins and the one I've duplicated. It will be primed and riveted into place before removing the next piece of skin. When the Navajo is completed it will go on to a paint shop and then back to service in Alaska.

Noah also turned 11 this week. We celebrated his birthday at home with cake and presents. Luke and Hannah took time to make him presents and cards. We are heading to the military surplus store on Saturday per Noah's request so he can spend some of his birthday money.

Thanks for checking in, Josh

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  1. This was really a very interesting project.As kids also want to put their efforts in it by preparing cards and gifts...