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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Flash back

I thought I would take this post to catch you up on a few things that have happened recently that didn't make a post of their own.
The boys and I along with many families in Pack 403 went to Campagonza in Butler, PA. It was a weekend camping event in which over 10,000 scouts showed up and with the total number of people pushing 18,000. The boys made water rockets pictured above, biked, went out boating, shot sling shots, climbed a 30 ft climbing wall, ran obstacle courses, too preparedness classes, saw fireworks and a concert. We had a great time! I'll upload all the pictures to picassa for you to check out.
On the same weekend Coshocton had its airshow on one of the war birds sprung a lead. It is an A-10 and was hangared by us for a few days until the parts were available to fix.
Our last batch of chicks arrived also, this group contains 25 meat birds and 25 layers. We plan to butcher the meat birds right before Thanksgiving.
As for right now, as always we are busy in the hangar. The inspection phase of the King Air is almost done and we have began the correcting the discrepancies. Which include a leaking fuel tank, bad nose wheel bearing, a defective ELT, damaged compressor veins in the engine and on and on, near 40 conditions over all. We are working diligently to restore this aircraft back into is role in the service of the King.
Thanks for visiting, check back soon. Josh

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