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Thursday, August 19, 2010

SMAT 210

We are just about finished with the annual inspection of SMAT's 210. It has taken a little longer than usual to wrap this one up but not so much considering it has sat unused for the last 3 years. Sitting is hard or anything and that includes airplanes. Now you may be asking "Who is SMAT"? Well SMAT, School of Missianary Aviation Technology, is an accredited school that specializes in training missionary pilots and mechanics. They are based out of Ionia, Michigan and have been serving the mission community for 41 years. One of the team leaders here, Ian, has been involved with missions for around 20 years and he graduated from SMAT. One of the differences between SMAT and MMS as training facilities is how the training is accomplished. SMAT is a school with classrooms and labs. SMAT's program only takes one year to complete. MMS is an apprentice based training and takes 30 months. The main difference besides the time is experience. Is one way better than another??? I would have to say it depends on what your final goal is. If you plan to be primarily a mechanic then experience is gold, but if you are looking to be mainly a pilot with a general knowledge of the mechanical workings of your plane then the one year school is the way to go. I myself went to a one year training program, not SMAT's, but one similar. I've included a link to SMAT's site. Give them a visit and learn more about them there.

Thanks for visiting I'll write next week about our upcoming camping trip to Hocking Hills.


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