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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hocking Hills

Over the weekend of the 21st Noah, Hannah, Luke and I plus about 50 scouts and parents went camping at Hocking Hills. I have not visited every park in Ohio but I believe that Hocking Hills is one of the if not the very best hiking in Ohio. We managed to walk a little over 8 miles on Saturday. In a unanimous vote the Rock house was considered the best place to hike and play. I think that we will go back in the winter for the Frozen Falls tour.
Pictured above is my kids plus Alan, Noah's WEBLOS leader and his son Rowan. Our small group stayed together the whole day and hike all but 1 of the trails. The main body of scouts hiked less. Many of the scouts are young and cannot hike so much.
It did rain on Saturday night and without the threat of lightning we sent the kids out to play and play they did. It was the closest thing they had to a shower all weekend. I was amazed at heir stamina, our group walked the 8 miles and ran in the rain and played capture the flag till 11:30 and then slept like a rock. We managed to stay dry in our tents but that was not the case for everyone.
We explored some caves while we were out this one is at the Rock House.
And played in waterfalls. If you look up to the upper edge of the cliff and see how high it is, that is what the return trail follows back.

I would highly recommend the trip to anyone as I would also recommend scouts to anyone also.


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  1. Only 4 puppies left? Maybe I better let the fam talk me into one... OR, maybe not. Hope they all find good homes!!!!