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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

10 minute update

It has been a busy two weeks so I'll try to be brief as I fill you end. Most recently, we sold our first puppy last night! Please pray that God will continue to provide interested people. We have six more to go.
On Monday Noah, Luke and I went fishing on Lake Erie with some men from our home church. We went out for yellow perch and almost caught our limit. It was a great time and everybody caught lots of fish. We had alot of fun catching up with the people on our boat. I think this will become a yearly tradition that we look forward to and cherish.

Two weekends ago Luke and I went to Adventure Camp. It was an absolute flurry of activity and I think the purposely put our activities as far apart as they possible could just to tire us out. There was swimming, boating, BB guns, archery, an obstacle course a, bouldering, crafts and more. To say the least I was whipped at the end of the day! Luke had a great time and I look forward to going again with him next year.

Times up! Thanks for visiting and come back soon. Josh

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