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Friday, September 17, 2010

Stop the world, I want to get off

I have had one of those summers. Actually, it feels like summer passed me by like I was standing still.
During the last week of August I was given the opportunity to go to Preferred Airparts in Kidron, Ohio to work on the MFI DC-3 restoration project. That hanger has been a bee hive of activity with volunteers from numerous states, missionaries from MFI and MMS, and Preferred Airparts employees Preferred is a local aviation business owned by Christians who are heavily invested in missions.

When this DC-3 is done it will be MFI's (Missionary Flights International) new flagship servicing Haiti and the Caribbean. MFI, if you remember, was one of the first relief agencies allowed into Haiti after the earth quake and are still continuing in their deliveries today. You can check some of my earlier post about my involvement with MFI or visit their site MFI. I will be getting more opportunities in the future to work on this plane and will fill you in the work we are involved in. On this trip our responsibilities were to use a dye penetrant to check for cracks in the angle that holds the wing on. We ended up with one angle cracked and one with corrosion damage beyond acceptable limits.
More to come on that project...

This little ball of fuzz was found in our field while doing chores one evening. Miss Kitty, as she is affectionately known, was covered with fleas. It took 4 baths to kill them all, but she has found a new home with us and will never be in want again. She brings our cat total back up to 4 after losing one earlier this summer.

Our family has taken it first vacation in a couple of years. We are at Myrtle Beach, S.C. for a few days and are having a blast. It is the first time the kids have ever been to the ocean. Noah has become an avid boogie boarder, Luke's favorite was putt-putt golf and Hannah loved the waves. I'll do a full report when we get home.

And finally it is Hannah's birthday today! She turned 9 and has had a beach party birthday. We are very thankful for our little princess and the many years of laughter and joy she has brought to our family. If you see her wish her Happy Birthday.

Sorry,one more thing. I had one of those small world moments today. Around three in the afternoon I went back to our room to get Noah's board and when I opened the door to leave my room I was standing face to face with some one I knew from Coshocton, from the church we used to attend. Next door neighbors in South Carolina, I'm still amazed. 700 miles, dozens of hotels with hundreds of rooms, what are the chances for that?

Check back soon for more info. Josh

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