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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Airedale puppies for Sale

Our pups just got a clean bill of health from the vet yesterday and we received word from the AKC that the registration papers were in the mail. Now all we need to do is find homes for everybody. That is certainly a prayer request. We've certainly enjoyed the whole process and we love to watch them as they grow. Last week we put different color collars on them and it did not take long to begin to see their different personalities. Airedales are truly an excellent all around dog.
The other big happening in the house this week is the birth of more new chicks. We were hoping to raise 20 new hens of our own and accounting for a 50/50 split we'll have to run the incubator one more time to end up close to that number. They are all mixed breed which just adds to the color variation. We are close to adding our last group of hatchlings to the larger group of chickens, turkeys and ducks.
This weekend Luke and I are off to Adventure camp for Scouts. Luke is going to be able to get a head start on his book requirements for next year. I don't really know what all is going on so I'll just have to let him tell you in his own words next week. Josh

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  1. Too cute Puppies,they would be a good friend of my sweet baby, he don't like to play with toys.