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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Guess what we woke up to this morning???? At 5am we were waken up by little puppy sounds and now at 7am we are up to 3. We are expecting more, how many we don't know but an average litter is around 8 to 10. Homeschool continues even during summer break. We'll keep adding to this post as the numbers increase.

Today, on the 16th we have a total of 7 puppies. They are very cute and noisy, they will be moving out of our bedroom today! It was like having a baby again, they were up (and so were we) every few hours for a feeding, grunting, squeaking and crying. Bree is doing a wonderful job taking care of them. I'm sure more pictures will follow soon. Josh


  1. aHHHH! Let us know when we can come and see. :o)

  2. Fun!! I know that JoAnna will want to come have a "looksie" when Bree and the puppies are ready for it.

  3. Cool! Wont come bother you right now. Sounds like your hands are full! Hope everyone and everything is OK. Thoughts and prayers from us. (I know... that's something...amazing?)