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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lost Cord

Well I know I've missed a post here recently but it is not my fault. The cord to my camera has gone missing... Now I have dozens of various cords of all shapes and sizes, but do any of them fit? No. My computer has a card reader, does it fit? No. Does my USB card reader fit? Sadly, no. I know if I buy another one my old one will show up and who needs two? I certainly don't need another cord in my tech drawer that won't fit anything in a year or two. These tech companies have us under their control. Last year we were looking for a new laptop for the school. I found a nice one at Wal-mart and bought it. After I brought it home I soon realized none of my old disk were compatible. So I returned it and had a friend find me one that was compatible with my old software but next time I wont be so lucky. I could go on, as could you I'm sure, but I won't.

What has happed recently is this: (without pictures)

The open house at MMS was a success. A van load came from Calvary Baptist in Bellefontaine, my home church. It was nice to show our friends around and help them to better understand what we do at MMS. Thanks for coming!

We've been goat sitting for Noah's scout leader - four milking goats. Kristi and the kids milk them twice a day, by hand. I think that it has been a great experience for everybody. I think Kristi plans on making goat milk soap, lotion and cheese.

Noah and Luke has been invited to two birthday parties over the last two weekends. The first one was a campout and the second a LEGO themed party. The boys had a blast a both and are talking about the kind of parties they want to have.

Next weekend Noah has WEBLOS scout camp. He'll be working on several different, new badges so he is quite excited.

Check back, I'll find that cord soon enough. Josh

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