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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Puppie update

We ended up with 7 puppies, 2 girls and 5 boys. They were into the vet already and are doing fine. We have about one more week until they start opening their eyes and 7 more until they are ready to be sold. Airedales are truly wonderful dogs, they are above average in intelligence which means they will often outsmart you. Our dog is particularly good at noticing when you are not paying attention and sneaking off down to the creek and getting all wet and muddy. If you are interested in one please let us know.
Here is a picture from a few weeks ago but one that is worth posting. We volunteered to watch a friends 4 milk goats while he was on vacation. Kristi the kids and just about anybody else who showed up at the house during milking time got the opportunity to milk, twice a day, rain and it did rain or shine. Kristi fed the majority of the milk to the calves and saved some for making soap. We have a dozen or so bars curing in the kitchen right now. Kristi also came back from Michigan with some red raspberry bushes and when we finished planting them we had 2 20ft long beds. We'll have to wait for next year for a harvest. I also managed to catch two swarms of bees and get them started in boxes, bringing us up to five hives.
Thanks for taking interest in us, we'd love to hear from. Josh

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