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Friday, July 2, 2010


In the hangar:
The Cessna 210 (above) belongs to SMAT, School of Missionary Aviation Training and is the project I am currently on. The 210 is in for it's yearly airworthy inspection and my part in this process is to comb through all the records and compare them to the recommended and required maintenance directives put out by Cessna, TCM and others. In other words lots of paperwork. After the paperwork is done the inspection begins and a list of discrepancies is made and corrected. The aircraft then can be signed off as airworthy again and returned to service.
At home:

Another busy week has passed and again more life has been lived that can quickly be shared. On a low note, Hannah's cat Heidi was hit on the road and we have been working through that this week. The puppies are all doing fine and are getting big. They are starting to "walk" around a bit and play a little. They will be ready to sell in another 5 weeks. Our bee's swarmed again so yesterday I was up in a tree with a bucket trying to catch the majority of them and yes I did get stung. The garden looks great, the turkeys are getting big and they calves are now off of the bottle and onto pasture, everything is looking good around the farm.

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