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Monday, May 24, 2010

MMS Open House

This weekend MMS had an open house to celebrate its 35th anniversary. We had about --- people come through. Guest toured the facility, learned how MMS operates and about the people and places we serve, played the flight simulator, and got to see a Cessna Grand Caravan flown down by Prefered Air Parts. People remarked to us that they came away with a greater understanding of how MMS works and how far-reaching the ministry is. On Saturday we also opened up our home and had about 25 people from Calvary Baptist Church in Bellefontaine visit. It was wonderful to have our long time family friends come and to understand more fully the work they support.

We also had a fun weekend as we watched the eggs in our incubator hatch. I have to admit that I almost enjoyed it more than the kids did. It was like Christmas waiting to see each chick hatch. We got eggs from 2 other people and we had many different varieties. We have black, gray, chocolate, tan, and yellow chicks. They are SO cute and fluffy. Too bad they don't stay that way for long. These chicks will be raised for eggs. It takes about 5 months before they start laying.

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