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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planting season

Greetings friends! It has been a beautiful spring this year. The weather has been near perfect and we have been getting the garden planted. Our actual garden this year is around 6000sq/ft but the total amount that we are planting is over 1/2 acre. We should have the majority of our garden planted by this weekend, at least that is the plan.

We also have two new bee hives this spring and the one that survived the winter makes three. The one that survived has its honey boxes on it and is being filled by the bees. We are looking forward to our first spring honey harvest. In the end we would like to have five healthy bee hives at our place. Did you know that this winter was very hard on bee keepers, from what I understand a 50%-75% bee loss was the norm in our area. We had four hives winter at our house, two ours and two a friends and only one hive survived the winter. I do know that one local beekeeper lost 27 of his 30 hives.
Here you can see the finished product of my latest project. This airplane is a Piper Aztec and it is owned by the director of our airport. The nose bowls (the front shiny part of the engine, just behind the prop) were badly damaged, worn and no longer safe to leave on the airplane. After a few weeks of sanding, fiberglass lay up and some paint they are back on and his plane is back in service. As you can see the color does not match perfectly so some time in the future we will remove all the engine cowlings and blend the new colors into the old so the transition will not be so noticeable.
I'd also like to remind everyone of the MMS open house is May 22 & 23. Please come and see our hangar first hand.

Hope to see you their, Josh

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