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Friday, April 23, 2010

Update from Zambia

I missed my blog posting for last week because I've been working on a newsletter. I was planning to get it out this week but it looks like next week will be more likely. Bruce from CMML in Zambia sent me some pictures of the 182 I went and worked on. It is now completed and both the 182 and the 207 are painted to match. Bruce says that it is a great little plane and will be an asset to CMML for many years to come.

In case you don't remember or didn't know I worked on various projects on the 182. An engine upgrade from a 470ci carburetted to a 520 ci fuel injected. New engine mount and a wing stiffening kit.
I also installed these fold able, lightweight jump seats in replacement of the heavy one-piece bench seat.I didn't work on the avionics, it just looked so pretty I had to show it.And here is a picture of CCML's 207. I overhauled an engine for this plane then drove the engine to Canada for shipment to Zambia. Bruce says the engine arrived safely but the roads are impassable and he hasn't been able t get the engine delivered to the hangar. I'm hoping to go and help with the install of my engine when the time comes.
I hope you enjoyed the pictures, thank those of you who give and pray to make this possible. You play an active part in world wide aviation missions. Josh

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