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Monday, November 2, 2009

Today Josh decied to teach me how to post a blog all by myself. I have been told that even for a non-computer-savvy person like me, this is a relatively easy task. It has never come to the top of my priority list however. Probably the biggest problem though, is not the technical aspect as knowing what to write about. Josh says to just let people know what we have been up to, so that's what I'll attempt to do.

This week in school we are studying the inventions of the last part of the 1800s. Today we learned about Thomas Edison, his invention of the light bulb and other inventions. He lead a very interesting life! I found out that they replicated his Menlo Park laboratory at Greenfield village. I was thinking about going up there for a field trip. Has anyone been there that can give me feed back about it?

The boy's started Scouts for the first time this fall. They absolutely love it (including Josh who is helping in both boy's groups). We found a group that has some other homeschooled kids in it.

The garden did well this year. Sunday I made chili with the cranberry dried beans that I grew. It also had the tomatoes, onions and peppers from the garden. With ground venison from the freezer, it was about as home grown as you can get. It's so fun to put that on the table and for the kids to realize they helped with all of it. Our hoop house is working well. It was built on Labor Day over my green pepers and some of the broccoli. It is so cool to be picking fresh garden veges in November. I think the pepers did better in October than they did all summer. I planted cold tolerant lettuces, radishes, and carrots and they are all growing fine although a little slower than in the spring. Kristi

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