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Saturday, October 31, 2009

August Newsletter

In April I had the remarkable opportunity to go and serve “Christian Missions in Many Lands” (CMML) Zambia operation. They purchased a Cessna 182 and wanted help with several repairs and modifications. In the five weeks I was there, my job was to see how close we could get the plane to flying.
My first task was to modify the airframe for a larger engine and then install the engine. The larger engine will allow for greater payloads or a shorter take off roll. The airframe modification progressed quickly as well as mounting the new engine mount. After installing the engine and beginning the routing of fuel lines and control cables a large crack was found on the oil pan, ending the engine installation. A new pan was ordered but did not arrive until after I had left.
My second task was to install new light weight, foldable jump seats in the rear of the plane. These new seats would allow 35lbs more cargo to be carried and could be folded out of the way when not needed allowing larger pieces for cargo to be carried.
The third and last major piece that I was given to work on was a wing reinforcement kit. With the roughness of a dirt runway and the weight of fuel in the tank, wings can be bent or damaged. The kit has upper and lower reinforcement straps that have to be riveted into place along the spar.
But not all my time was spent working in the hangar. I had plenty of time interacting with the many different missionaries on the station. The station has a flight service, mission hospital, boarding school and orphanage all associated with it. The flight service provide rapid, safe and affordable transportation to anyone associated with the CMML station. The hospital gives free care to all the area residence, treating body, soul and spirit. The orphanage takes care of children until they are old enough to be reintroduced back into the village. And the boarding school provides a quality education for the local and not so local missionaries and doctor’s children.
I also had the opportunity to go hunting on a local game farm owned by the great-grandson of the missionary who started the mission base, Pete Fisher. Pete and his wife Lynn invited me to spend the evening with them and their family. Sitting by the fire listening to hunting stories being told by Peter ( who is a professional hunter and guide) was thrilling. Near misses with Cape Buffalo and stalking giant lions and rogue elephants. The next morning we drove out looking for the Puku herd, an antelope roughly the size of a white tail deer. After finding the herd we stalked them until we were roughly 180 yards away and I took my first and likely last antelope. The meat was sold at the local market to supply the villagers.
Would you please remember to pray for CMML flight service as they serve in Zambia. Please pray for their safety, their provisions and for their health.
Thank you to all of those who prayed and helped with the problems around the house while I was gone for those almost six weeks. And praise God for the opportunity to hear his name worshiped and praised in a remote part of Africa.
Your co-laborer in Christ, Josh

At Home:
This summer we have once again seen God providing for ALL our needs. Despite the sagging economy and the decline in giving, we have been blessed over and over again. This spring we were surprised by the Laymen’s Sunday School Class at Calvary Baptist Church, Bellefontaine, Ohio. They had a grocery “shower” in our honor and brought a truck load of grocery items to our house! We also were giving beef from Wes and Teri Miller. With our abundant garden, our trips to Wal-Mart have become rare! Our budget has stretched in ways that we could never have anticipated. Thank you all for thinking of us.
The summer has brought new experiences for our family.
Noah got to help an MMS family bale hay. He put in a hard day of work!
We also got 2 bee hives. It has been interesting to learn. We hope to have honey for our own use and to sell.
Hannah threw her cat a birthday party
Luke finished his learning-to-read book. We have celebrated with all the kids by having a day with Mom and Dad. During that time we have a special treat, get their first library card, and are presented with a Bible.
We always have lots of questions from you about how our “mini-farm” is doing. In addition to our bees, we were given 4 ducks that live in our stream. They are fun because they will follow you everywhere. Our laying hens started giving eggs last week. The kids like to check for eggs frequently and Noah has reported seeing an egg coming out! We will also sell some chickens for meat this fall. We enjoy ourselves immensely and invite you all to come out.

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