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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Last days

One last update before I leave tomorrow. Over all I'm very happy with how the project went. Tremendous strides were made towards the completion of the 182. Although the engine could not be completely installed and tested we were able to learn of other problems that would have slowed the project down even further in the future. Upon returning to MMS I will begin to help gather the needed tools and supplies to finish the airplane. John, one of the pilots and a former MMS alumni and Joseph the chief mechanic will continue working on the plane till it is done. Which should be before the end of summer.

The picture of me was taken at Nchila Wildlife Reserve, owned and operated by the Fisher family. I and another volunteer was taken to the farm for a short safari one Saturday afternoon. Calvin and Peter got talking about hunting and Peter invited us over for a hunt. On the first trip Calvin shot a Puku, but it was getting to dark for me to bag one and it was raining. So, Peter invited me back and I was able to go this last weekend. We got as close to the herd as they would allow us and laying down on the ground, using a termite mound for a rest, I took this buck at 180 yards with a .243 rifle. Later in the evening Peter and his son Chris shared many of their hunting stories with me. Hunting buffalo, hippo, lions, elephants, ect...

I truly thank God for the opportunity to come here and serve CMML Flight Service. I have made many new friends and have had more "once in a life time" events than I deserved. Please continue to remember CMML in your prayers as there is still alot of work to be done. Josh

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