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Friday, May 15, 2009

One week to go

Well, since my last update things here have changed. Sortly after posting the engine install was going well I found a crack in the oil pan. A new pan will need to be sent from America and then the engine removed and the pans switched. This brought the engine install to a skidding stop. There was no point continuing if we were just going to pull the engine shortly any ways here is a picture of how it looked when I stopped.

I've since moved on to the wing modification. Joseph and his helper James have been working on installing the out board tips. I've been working on a reinforcement kit that is riveted onto the upper and lower spar. This kit will give the plane an added carring capacity of 150lbs. Tomarrow I will pull the wing struts one at a time and add the modification to the lower spar. This added strength will prevent damage that would be caused by heavy wing loads in rough air or rough runways.

With the weekend comming my time is drawing short. On tuesday evening we will pack the bags and weight everything. Wensday morning we will fly out to Lusaka. Thursday morning I'll fly to London. Friday morning I'll fly home. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as things wrap up and I begin to travel. Thank you, Josh

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