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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Another self portrait. This one is of me looking down the CMML runway. I arrived on Thursday the 16th after 10 hours in the air. British airways was by far the best fight I've had on this journey. After landing I was flown 3.5 hours north west to Kelene Mission in a Cessna 210. I did have the oppertunity to see some animals from the air but I was not able to identify them.

On Friday I began work on a Cessna 182 engine upgrade. The project willreplace the existing 470 ci carberated engine and repace it with a 520 ci fuel injected engine. This upgrade will allow the airplane to fly faster or cary a greater load than the original configuration. I began working on the inside of the firewall prepairing the fuel lines, headder tank and vapor return lines. In the upcoming week I will be working on the engine side of the firewall putting in firewall braces, some of the electrical componets and preping for the engine to be installed.

Please continue to be in prayer for Kristi and the kids. They have reported that all is going well and I account that to answered prayer. Josh

Google Map of Kalene Hill in Zambia

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  1. We just read your posting from Zambia. It sounds like the adventure has begun. We enjoyed the links and photos. We went to Bethany's concert last night. All the Adelsbergers were there. George said they had been to visit before you left. They thought you had a great home and a really big tractor. LOL. Christian got to go turkey hunting with Steve Fairchild. They didn't get one but Christian had a ball. We've talked to Kristi a couple times. She's really missing you but is keeping busy with the kids and garden as I'm sure you know. I think she should have the potatoes planted, too. We will keep you and Kristi in our prayers. We're grateful that you have this opportunity to serve and experience more of God's amazing diversity of lands and people.