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Sunday, May 3, 2009

182 Progress Report

Wow, I just saw that I skipped a week. Time has been flying here at CMML Flight Service. I have made alot of progress on the engine install. The project is broken down into three different parts really. The cowling has been modified and awaiting the necessary hardware to assemble. The engine has been installed on the engine mount, the baffling installed the exhaust installed and all manor of other work has been done while the engine was hanging from a hoist. It was difficult to work on the engine with it swinging all the time. It is now basically ready to be installed on the airframe once it has been completed. The airframe modification went well, actually better than expected. But we found that a modification to the fire wall was needed in order to repair a weakness in the 182 design. It was to be done in 1972 but never was. We've got some of the parts and are waiting on others and the necessary hardware to install them before I can install the engine and continue with the work. Until then, I will begin installing a folding jump seats in the rear in place of the bench seat. The new seats will be lighter and allow more cargo to be carried than before and they are designed to fold away to make room for larger cargo if needed. It will be a nice option for the mission as they will not have to regularly need to be removing and installing the rear seat.

Kristi reports that all is going well on the home front and that many of you have offered a helping hand or have helped in some way around the house. Thank you for it. The only real casualties have been our ducks and I guess a few chickens. Seems a hawk or other animal has been caring them off.

I've got a little over two weeks left to go and depending on when the needed parts arrive, completeing the project looks iffy. Pray for an early arrival and for a quick and easy install. Thank you for your continued prayer for me and my family. all has gone well and I give God all the praise and glory for that. Till next week, Josh

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