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Wednesday, April 15, 2009


I have had a great time visiting London these last days. The British Museum was very impressive. The amount of artifacts on dispay was overwhelming. Every square inch was filled with pieces throughout history. Egypt, Asyria, Babalon, Roman, Greek it was all overwhelming. The London tower was almost equally impressive. The Crown Jewels were beutiful but my favorite part was the White Tower which held the Armory of Henry the ?. But the highlight of the trip was getting to listen to the preformance of Handal's "Messiah" at the West Minster Abby on the 250th anniversary of his death. When I left the building I was shaking.

I leave for Zambia today and have recieved word that there will be a delay in being picked up from the airport. Their is going to be a driver who will pick me up at the airport and take me to a guest house until the plane is fixed and they come down and get me. Please keep thi in your prayers it should only be a one day delay.

Please continue to pray for Kristi and the Kids. Josh

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  1. leg one down. Next stop Africa... let the delays begin... :)

    We're prayin'