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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No news is no news

It has been a quite few weeks since we last talked to the embassy. If you remember, five weeks ago the embassy sent our visa application to Brazil for its final approval and stamps. The approval was only to take three weeks, but they are now two weeks late. I contacted the embassy and Marcia (our case handler) is now on vacation, so there is not any new news. Let’s keep praying!

The floats are coming along great! I have completed the left float! It feels great seeing it done. The right floats structural repairs are finished, it has been painted and is presently being assembled. I’ve been in touch with Edgar Schreiber (the owner) and he is excited about getting his floats. He currently serves in Manitoba, Canada and was sharing with me the added sense of security the floats will add to his ministry. He spends most of his time flying over lakes and swamps and the floats will turn the lakes and swamps into runways allowing him to land safely if he has any kind of trouble. Check out the pictures in the album.

Asas de Socorro (our mission in Brazil) has bought a Cessna 206 and has had it delivered to MMS last week. It will have a through going thru looking for damages, also a new engine and prop installed, a radio and instrument up grade. The airplane will be then sent off for floats and then shipped to Manaus and hopefully I’ll be there to receive it and not be the one sending it.
There are also some pictures of this airplane in our album.

We are still anxiously awaiting our visas and are looking forward to the day we get word that it is time to go. We thank you for your continued prayer and support and for joining with us in this ministry. God Bless you all, Josh and Family


  1. It was getting an update...thanks! We looked at the floats in your album...very cool! My boys loved it. We continue to pray for you guys as you wait. So proud of you guys! We love ya!

  2. Checked out your photos. The floats look cool n'all but where did Noah get that stringer of fish?!! Now that's a photo worth posting :)

    Praying as always. You guys get an "A" for persistance. Keep up the good work.