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Friday, July 11, 2008

Great story of God's provision

Nothing out of the ordinary has happened in the last few weeks. We still have not heard from the embassy about our visas. We continue to wait as patiently as possible, mostly because when we think of giving up it ends up sounding like “I’m tired of waiting on your plan God, I’m ready to try my own.” And when you look at it like that, I don’t think I’d like where we’d end up. So we wait… patiently… as possible.

Luke turns 5 this coming week and we will be celebrating at Grandma Farley’s with the cousins and a pool party. He wants a dog cake and a dog. The cake we can do, the dog will have to wait till Brazil or at least a later date.

Edgar’s floats are wrapping up. I’ve just been looking for the last few hard to find parts to finish. One part I was looking for is called a lower strut end. That means nothing to you but it leads me into a great story of God’s people connecting and helping one another with a common goal. This part was very difficult to find and with that comes expense. I had only found one in all my searching and he was asking so much that I could not bring myself to buy it. I kept going back to the ones I removed hoping that maybe one of them was salvageable but every time I checked they had not gotten any better. I later received a phone call about an earlier price quote I had sent out to a supplier in Canada but it had been weeks ago. The supplier was calling to let me know that he had the parts I needed. I had to tell him that I was sorry and that I had already bought those parts. Pete, the supplier is a Christian and is familiar with the work we do at MMS, asked me if their was anything else I needed. Well as a matter of fact there is a part I’m looking for, a lower strut end. After checking, “I’ve got that” he said “anything else?” As a matter of fact there is another, “I’ve got that too and I’m going to give them both to you.” “Give” “Both”! Isn’t that amazing! God is awesome! I shared with Pete about the ministry these floats were going to and the share of ownership that he now has in them. Pete said he knows Edgar, Edgar had bought parts from Pete and had shared his ministry with him. Later I talked to Edgar and told him the story. He was excited by the gift and encouraged. Edgar flying in Canada, I’m wrenching in America, Pete sharing what he has and you, we have all come together working, sacrificing and praying so that the gospel can be spread in the Manitoba, Canada area. That is the body of Christ in action.

Thank you, for the many years of faithfully joining with us. Josh

I’ve posted new pictures, use the album link on the right side bar to see them.

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  1. Just know that we are patiently waiting too! Waiting to hear that The Adelsbergers are packing up and leaving! We are so excited to see the plans that Gad has for you guys as they unravel. Thank you for sharing it with us!