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Friday, May 23, 2008


Friends, we are continuing to wait for the return of our visas from Brazil. We expect them to arrive in Washington, D.C. in about ten days. Work continues on the floats, I’m hoping to paint one this week still. God has provided a new MMS apprentice to live in our house after we leave. He begins his training in August. Just a quick prayer request. A very close family friend from MMS who is serving in South Africa, their son fell out of his loft bed, hit his head and was rushed to the hospital. After emergency surgery to relieve the inter-cranial pressure he is recovering. Their does not seem to be any obvious brain damage and Daniel has asked when he can go home. Please pray for them during this time of recovery, healing and medical bills. Daniel is 12.

I heard today that Daniel seems to be in the clear and is having his drain tube removed and being taken to a step down unit. Thanks for your continued prayers. Josh


  1. Praying for Daniel and his family! So excited that your visas are getting closer to you! You're not going to believe it when they finally arrive and you have them in hand!

  2. Any news on the visas? Keep us posted! Thinking of you guys!