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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Co-Warriors for the cause

I hope this finds you well. I continue to be busy working on the floats, they are coming along nicely. I have a volunteer helping me most days and together we are making quite a lot of progress. Next week I will be taking a test prep class for my inspector rating. Please keep this in your prayers. Also this Sunday, in Brazil, Asas de Socorro (the mission we have joined) will be flying a high ranking government official. They feel that this will be a good opportunity to ask for some help with our visa application. We would ask that you keep this in your prayers also. Let us pray that the flight will not be canceled, that this man will look favorably on helping us and that he will then remember to do it. I’ve also joined in with a group of men from the hanger in mentoring boys that volunteer in the hanger. The guys range from 11 to 16 or 17. We will be going thru the book “The way of the wild heart”. I have a burden for these young men. One is the son of a co-worker who died a little over a year ago; two others are brothers from a broken home, the others are the older sons of one of our maintenance trainees. The first 3 have very little male influence in their lives and I’m excited about doing a small part of filling that void, remembering what the Bible says about widows and orphans. When I was their age older Christian men had a great impact on me. My prayer is that I may be used in a similar way.
Again, thank you for the faithful prayer support. Your co-warrior in Christ, Josh

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  1. Sounds like you guys are staying busy. Know that we continue to pray for you and Kristi and all the kiddos! You'll be there before you know it!