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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Team La Tourneau

Had a great week here! A team from LeTourneau University came up from Texas and helped us over their spring break. The university has one of the best Christian aviation programs in the country and all the volunteers were from the maintenance program. I had three helpers for three days and made wonderful progress. One student, Daniel, and I spent most of the days riveting. The work we got done together would have taken me a couple weeks to do by myself. I also had to young ladies helping me, Rachel got a lot of parts (and I do mean a lot) ready for paint. Emily made templates of the bottom of my floats for leak checking them. Both worked tirelessly for three days and put me more than a week ahead also. I’m well pleased with the progress of my project.
I contacted the embassy again last Monday but have not received any word from them in reply. It has been since last October since I have heard from them last about our visas. Our mission “Asas de Socorro” in Brazil is trying to use there contacts to move our application along. They have even submitted an official request to have the application moved out of this jurisdiction to another. What that means to us I don’t know. My boss in Brazil “Ryan” is confident that we will soon be down there to help. So please keep praying for this.
If things with our visa continues as it has been in the past it looks like my next project will be an engine/prop install and avionics upgrade to a Cessna 206 that Ryan bought in Alaska. The plane will be shipped to MMS where the repairs and upgrades will take place, then flown out west for a float install then to the Amazon. So, even if I do not get to go to Brazil right away I will still get to work on an Asas de Socorro airplane.
We continue to be thankful for the support team that God has provided for us. May God bless you for the part you play in World Wide Missions. Josh

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