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Saturday, April 19, 2008

4/8/2008 Update

Visa progress. That term seems to be an oxymoron in our case, but we have an update at any rate.

Last week, Asas de Socorro was going to be flying a Brazilian official with their airplane and was going to take that opportunity to present our case to him. We had hoped that this would be a fruitful trip, but it was cancelled because the official’s mother died and he did not fly that day. Today we received a phone call from the mission telling us that the director of the Manaus base (where we are headed) has flown to Brasilia to talk to some people on our behalf. He will continue on his crusade this week around Brazil on our behalf, and we would like to lift him up in prayer. We are so thankful that Wilson has taken time out his extremely busy schedule to help us and pray that if now is indeed God’s time for us to go, that he would be successful. That would put us in Brazil by fall, so we would like to extend a welcome to anyone wishing to escape the bitter cold of the north to come visit us J!

Thank you for your prayers,

Kristi Adelsberger

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