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Friday, September 2, 2016

Learning oppertunities

I choose to view setbacks not as problems but as a "learning opportunities".  We have many opportunists to learn in the engine room and mostly they are small.  Opportunities to learn how to install heli-coils, opportunities to learn how to properly read the manual, opportunities to learn how to put out fires... just kidding no fires yet, hopefully never.  This week we have been visiting a familiar learning opportunity the "oil leak". 
 Our particular oil leak appears to be coming off the accessory case, specifically the gasket between the accessory case and the crank case.  After getting a second opinion Jenny got the go ahead to strip the back of the engine for a second try at resealing the gasket.
 This is a before picture of the back of the engine.

Some of the parts removed.

And the accessory case off, the gasket resealed and ready to be put back together.  It took half a day to get down to the gasket and another 2 days to get everything back in order again.  Hopefully Tuesday we'll run with no leaks and be closer to wrapping this project up.  Looking forward to installing this back into the MAF Mooney and sending it on its way.

Please keep us in your prayers as we are facing Noah's surgery bills, with no money of our own we are relying totally on Gods provision.

Thanks for checking in and for keeping us in your prayers.  Josh

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