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Friday, June 12, 2015


 Noah has safely made it to Teen Missions in Florida and from what we have seen and heard he is having a great time.  His team is made up of 3 guys and 7 girls plus 3 leaders.  In the above picture the first 10 are Noah's team.  For more pictures you can look on teen missions facebook and you can see him live most nights at the teen mission rallies that are live streamed on youtube.  In Noah's own words: "Every doubt I had weather Boot Camp was the Lord’s will for me has been removed by the fantastic experiences and people God has presented to me in the four days I have been here.”  Please continue to pray for his safety and for the team unity.
Glen just got his engine from MAF Mexico and has started the disassemble.  We are hoping to have the engine retured to Mexico by the end of summer.  Glen is currently an apprentice but has accepted the invitation to join staff at the end of his apprenticeship.  

Aaron is well into his engine overhaul and is currently waiting for some key components to come back from re-certification. He is currently in the process of giving the magnetos a 500hr inspection.

I want to say thanks for the many years of prayers and support I have received from you.  We are asking that you would begin praying for our current financial situation.  We have been tasked by MMS management to raise our support to 100% of the quota.  God has a plan and people already in mind we just need to connect with them.  Please pray for new contacts, new opportunities to share and new partners that will join with us.


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