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Friday, May 29, 2015

Final Countdown for Noah

The final days before Noah leaves with Teen Missions are here.  He will leave one week from tomorrow.  It is a very busy time for him as he is wrapping up school, involved with Scouts and preparing for a summer long trip.
 Teem Missions has given him an exact packing list and everything has to weigh less than 35lbs! The bucket in the picture will be what he does his laundry in and take his baths in (FYI).
 This last Sunday was also Noah's last Sunday with our Fellowship until his return.  We had a sending off for him and there were many prayers offered on his behalf by his friends.  If you notice those are mostly teens praying for him.  He has a good group of friends.  We will be at Calvary Baptist Church this coming Sunday for another sending off there.

Please keep him in your prayers as he goes and pray for us as a family having to do without him.

Thank you, Josh

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