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Monday, August 13, 2012

2 weeks to paint a plane

It has been a while since I have posted anything, but not from lack of trying.  I've been experiencing technical difficulties.  
   Many have asked how Kristi is recovering from her back surgery.  She is doing great!  The doctors have taken her off any restrictions and told her to slowly return to her normal lifestyle.  She still has some aches and pains but they are mostly associated with strengthening her back and not with her surgery.  She is happily going about her life once again.  Looking forward to the upcoming school year and the harvest from our garden.  Those of you who have had similar injuries or surgeries can understand the joy that she gets from doing things she onced loved but was no longer able to do.  
 Here is Kristi milking our Jersey "Daisy".  
 At work I've been working with Dale on a 206 for Missionary Air Group (MAG) and helping Ethan Shields by painting his Zenith 801.  It is a home-built airplane that he plans on using in Mexico for church planting.
These pieces are the flight controls and STOL equipment.  Ethan's plane will be primarily white red accents.  MMS has given me 2 weeks to get this painting project done.  Check back tomorrow and see what progress I make then.

Thanks, Josh

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